3In Consulting is a bespoke diversity and inclusion consultancy that provides a wide range of strategic and operational consulting solutions to all types of businesses from small to large.


We have comprehensive professional and corporate experience which provides us an insight into the challenges and demands organisations face and enables us to understand their approach to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I).


We provide a wide range of services tailored to your company’s needs and unique challenges to help you develop your capability, grow your company, and increase your profits significantly. Our Healthcheck Diagnostic and bespoke monthly support packages are designed with you in mind to make you a leading inclusive business.


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What is Equality, Diversity and Inclusion?

In today’s world it is more important than ever to not only have equality and diversity in the workplace but to be inclusive. Inclusivity is key and yields many benefits including greater productivity, improved financial outcomes and quality relations with customers. Engaged employees that have a voice accelerate inclusivity.


Equality is about treating everyone the same regardless of their differences and characteristics.


It is built on the creation of a fairer society where everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and to fulfil their potential.


It is underpinned in most countries by legislation and a framework to address unfair discrimination, harassment, and victimisation. The legislation only protects people of the characteristics identified by the laws in that country.


However not all countries that do have legislation have parity in the characteristics covered.


Equality is the basic level and should be mandatory in organisations.


Diversity reaches beyond tolerance of differences to recognising and valuing the differences between people.


Frequently organisations will act in a binary silo manner where a person does / doesn’t reflect a characteristic. In reality people will have a number of characteristics and cannot be defined by one.


Diversity should also extend beyond the ‘protected’ characteristics covering other attributes.


This means diversity is embracing & appreciating the rich differences of people and their thinking.


Inclusion is bringing diversity of people and diversity of thought together, creating cultural intelligence through empowered and engaged employees.


Inclusivity means being collaborative. It is about sharing best practices and embedding inclusion within an enterprise’s DNA.


By having greater empowerment and collaboration enables creativity and innovation. All of this results in better customer relationships where employees reflect and understand their needs.


The benefits of inclusion include delivery of better products / services, greater productivity and better financial performance.


This is where there is an open, honest and authentic culture.

The Diversity and Inclusion Difference


Competitive Advantage


Essential for Growth


Provides Value Creation


Diversity of People


Diversity of Thought


Encourages Cultural Intelligence

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Our 3In Diversity and Inclusion Heathcheck Diagnostic provides the INSIGHT to understand achievements and shortfalls enabling action in the most important areas of your business.



Creating an inclusive business is a cultural change that needs a strategy and management of change initiatives. It’s not easy to know what to do next. Explore how to INITIATE your diversity journey.



Establishing and delivering on diversity can be time consuming heightened by a lack of sufficient resources or skills. We can help you INTEGRATE your initiatives into your business.


Not being diverse could cost you your top talent.


Our Recruitment Cost Calculator could tell you how much.


Create an inclusive culture where employees are encouraged to contribute.



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