Who We Are

3In Consulting is a bespoke diversity and inclusion consultancy that provides a wide range of strategic and operational consulting solutions to all types of businesses from small to large.


We have comprehensive professional and corporate experience which provides us an insight into the challenges and demands organisations face and enables us to understand their approach to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I).


A key aspect of our approach is to customise our engagements with a client’s specific needs, providing outcomes that are unique to each organisation. We know that each organisation has its own complex culture,┬ástructure and environment and that they require their own unique tailored solution. There is no ‘cookie-cut’ one size template to implement in organisations.


We passionately believe that partnership and collaboration is paramount to the success of our assignments so we aim to work closely with our clients on their projects until they are completed. Your organisation will have a diverse pool of employees who have various experiences, talents, and skills that can benefit your organisation. Let’s work together to maximise these benefits and create an organisation where people want to come and stay.

Our aspiration is to help you get the most from your employees and embed a culture of inclusion in your business.

Our Values, Mission, & Goals

At 3In Consulting our mission is to be an organisation dedicated to offering quality services that improve workplaces through valuing Inclusion, Diversity and Equality, whilst supporting other organisations to achieve business benefit and growth.


Our goal is to provide services designed to be collaborative and in partnership with the business and to enable inclusivity and authenticity throughout the employee base including senior leaders.


To facilitate a change of capability in organisations so that they can channel the power of being different and empower their people to deliver better business outcomes which benefit employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.


At 3In Consulting we are passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion. It is that passion that inspires our values which are at the core of everything we do. It is our values that drive our attitudes, thinking and purpose. And it is our values that influence the way we do business and engage with our clients.


Our values are:


  • To understand the differences in people that we work with and with our clients, to respect and value those differences, and treat people with dignity.
  • To foster and encourage an inclusiveness environment on our engagements.
  • To provide a quality service and value to clients with integrity and passion.
  • To celebrate the diversity of teams and work together in an inclusive manner.
  • To treat others in the way you wish others to treat you.


It is these values that are our guiding principles and reflect how we engage with our clients. They guide our behaviours and actions influencing the way we deliver our services. They are part of the organisational DNA and reflect the way in which we operate.


Our approach is driven by these values and can be encapsulated up by our strapline ‘Strengthening Diversity Through Inclusion’