Adapting For Success

If there is one lesson that we have all learned recently is that we can adapt – and we can do it quickly!

If there is no yeast in the supermarket to make your favourite sourdough bread, make soda bread instead.

If you cannot get to your Spin class, move the sofa and fire up YouTube – your living room is now a gym.

Many businesses have done the equivalent – diversified their product or service offering, redeployed staff to where they are needed, or rolled out new tools to support working operating from home.

Of course, this is not to ignore the very real hardship that many people in our society are facing. But for those people who have the luxury of looking to the future and planning accordingly, it is very likely that the world of work and business will never be the same again.

A sole trader may tailor their pricing to provide day rates, or bundled packages to help other businesses or public service to get back up ad running. An SME may move from a physical retail space to offering their products online. A large organisation may look at their processes to identify different ways of working with employees, customers, and suppliers. And you can be sure there are a myriad of inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs working right now on brand new ideas to help us on our journey.

Have you considered how you can adapt to the new world of work? Can you do this on your own or would an external lens provide fresh insight and avoid silo thinking?