Glasgow and Edinburgh Seminars – How do you attract AND retain talent?

Are you able to find the right talent to bring into your organisation?

What makes your business a place where people want to stay?

Are you able to retain the valuable people?

What is talent? Is it the top 3% of highly performing individuals? Is it critical talent across the enterprise? Or is talent everyone in the workforce?

Is it possible to find and use talent that is outside of the organisation?

These are important questions for an organisation to be successful and grow. It is key to employ people that are a good organisational fit, who bring talent and different ways of thinking, to develop the business financially and culturally.

Employing, inducting and training new staff is a costly activity. If there is a high staff turnover costs increase exponentially and there is a disruption to the efficient running of the organisation. What approaches can you take to keep these overheads down?

The session will look at what we mean by talent and provide insights on the top percentile definition. It will also look at why it is important to broaden the definition of talent and look at this with a diversity lens to see how organisations can benefit from a wide pool of talent.

The seminar will then look at why it is important to attract good talent and how to retain good employees to grow the organisation, reduce overheads but more importantly to see growth of the organisation and achieve better business outcomes.

Glasgow seminar – May 16th

Location – 2nd Floor, Clockwise, 77 Renfrew Street, G2 3DH


Edinburgh seminar – May 23rd

Location – Clarendon House, 116 George Street, EH2 4LH


Events Run 8am – 10am

Places are free but limited, so please register as soon as possible.