Company Diversity and Inclusion Healthcheck

3In Consulting’s Healthcheck Diagnostic is an exclusively designed in-depth evaluation of a company’s Diversity and Inclusion capability.


It is achieved by measuring the organisation’s performance based on multiple components that define culture, engagement, equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


These critical themes and metrics enable an organisation to benefit and grow through greater employee engagement and supply chain participation.

Research has proven that companies who not only track and report their diversity performance but have a continuous improvement mindset outperform their peers who do not have metrics in place. Organisations that acquire insights have a richness of data and differentiate themselves.


Our innovative healthcheck diagnostic is designed to achieve this level of success by providing an abundance of quality information. It assess several Attributes which are categorised and summarised into 5 Pillars.


Our Approach


At 3In Consulting we believe diversity must be looked at with a wider lens than protected characteristics defined by laws in one country.  Diversity needs to cover other attributes, some which are visible and others which are not evident.


To achieve inclusivity requires engaged and motivated employees in a collaborative, authentic and open culture. At a leadership and strategic level focusing on a limited subset of characteristics will result in limited achievements.


This is why our diagnostic differs from other audits, assessments and benchmarks. We take a broader approach by evaluating areas not covered by other assessments.



The Five Pillars



Culture: Assesses an organisation’s Leadership and Strategic thinking and capability, and the cultural environment in which it operates.


Diversity: Assesses the diversity across the organisation including protected characteristics governed by law plus a wider lens on other diversity attributes. It also assesses whether the approach to diversity is silo or intersectional.


People: Evaluates several factors including employee engagement, the employee value proposition, career development and progression, talent and performance management, coaching and training, leadership roles and pay / rewards.


Inclusion: Assesses how cross functional the diversity is across the enterprise covering team engagements, collaboration and innovation. It also assesses specific areas relating to the recruitment lifecycle, supplier chain engagement, customers, communities, external partnerships and other considerations.


Operational Efficiency: Evaluates the basic hygiene factors all organisations should have in place that relate to Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Culture and Employee welfare. Areas covered include policies and processes, measurements and metrics including data capture, monitoring and reporting, and systems in place both technical and manual.



We have diagnostic packages to suit organisations of all sizes, from small to large, supporting and guiding businesses at the start of their diversity journey as well as those that have established agendas. It has been developed on the premise that Culture, People, Diversity, Inclusion and Operational Efficiency are key measures used by organisations to monitor their performance. Strong performance is achieved through a 5 step process that we call the 5Es of Diversity Performance – Evaluate, Explore, Establish, Execute, Engage. Click here for more information.

The diagnostic is a two-step process that provides a comprehensive understanding of a company’s diversity and inclusion status.


Step 1 is an interview style diagnostic with selected representatives and indicates the current Perception of diversity and inclusion within the organisation.


Step 2 is a deeper assessment, verification and analysis of the organisation, which uncovers the Reality by developing a greater understanding of the culture, people and diversity operational elements.




When you have a 3In Healthcheck Diagnostic you have personal interaction with our consultants to complete the assessment rather than impersonal online questionnaires. The advantage of this technique is interactive discussion and analysis instead of a subjective view constrained by those completing a survey.





Our methodology provides both qualitative and quantitative research with valuable data. Both components are rated using the Diversity and Inclusion Maturity Model TM, to denote where the organisation currently lies on its diversity and inclusion journey. Full maturity is only achieved when all Attributes are embraced by an organisation.





As part of the Healthcheck Diagnostic an exclusive bespoke report is generated that provides a summary of the diagnostic findings, gaps and conclusions as well as identification of opportunities and recommendations. The personalised report includes charts to easily identify target improvement areas.







The information is provided in a visual format which highlights action areas and enables an organisation to adjust the levers and focus initiatives in their diversity programme.







Discover the benefits of a healthcheck diagnostic by downloading our brochure, or why not take our concise pulse check now to see how your organisation is progressing on its diversity journey. We’ll give you an instant indication of your business’s diversity health.

Understanding Your Diversity Journey

Take our quick and easy Diversity and Inclusion Pulse Check. Answer the following questions.



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The culture, approach and leadership of diversity within your organisation

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Gauges how well understood Diversity is in your organisation

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A diversity and inclusion lens on employee engagement, development, training and coaching

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Taking Diversity to the next level, how does the organisation achieve a first-rate ethos with employees, suppliers and customers

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Operational Efficiency

What are the hygiene factors implemented within the organisation and how is this measured.

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You're at Level 0 - Unaware.

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Your scoring indicates that your organisation is at Level 0 - Unaware.

Diversity and Inclusion is not on the agenda or part of strategy. It is unaware of legal requirements and has no awareness of the business benefits that can be achieved by diversity. The organisation has no recognition of the need for an inclusive culture.

There is no appreciation or aspiration to consider D&I. Leaders are unaware or uninterested in developing the organisation. No policies are in place.

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You're at Level 1 - Compliant & Reactive

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Your scoring indicates that your organisation is at Level 1 - Basic & Initiated - Compliant / Reactive.

Diversity and Inclusion is on the radar for consideration but there are no tangible initiatives in place. There is no strategy or plan available to define the steps to achieve the desired outcomes beyond those required by legislation.  The activites primarily focus on Equality / Equity.
Leadership have an appreciation and possible aspiration for D&I but no ownership. Legislative requirements are met with policies in place.  D&I responsibility lies with a few e.g. HR.

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You're at Level 2 - Awareness & Mobilisation.

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Your scoring indicates that your organisation is at Level 2 Awareness & Mobilisation - Defined / Operational.

Diversity and inclusion is increasingly understood as a benefit to the organisation and that an inclusive culture is recognised as a means to success and competitive advantage. Diversity initiatives are deployed at both a local and enterprise level. They are monitored to encourage a culture of continuous improvements.
Ad-hoc requests and activities are undertaken without real sponsorship and ownership. Leadership have an awareness but do not fully understand the benefits. D&I activities are undertaken alongside job responsibilities.

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You're at Level 3 - Insight / Execution

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Your scoring indicates that your organisation is at Level 3Understanding & Application – Insight / Execution.

Leadership recognises the benefits to Diversity and Inclusion.  There is a strategy and  plan in place, with an oversight group, to demonstrate that the organisation is implementing diversity initiatives designed to create an inclusive environment. There are metrics / KPIs in place to facilitate detail understanding and continue continuous improvement in Diversity.

D&I is now an organisational strategic objective with KPIs in place to demonstrate the benefit. The organisation understands diversity. Employee morale is higher. Leaders are communicating the strategy and leadership is sponsoring.

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You're at Level 4 - Embraced & Strategic

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Your scoring indicates that your organisation is at Level 4 - Embraced & Strategic - Integrated - Collaborative.

Diversity and Inclusion is part of the organisational strategy as well as integrated into routine activities creating an inclusive culture across the enterprise.  Leadership are committed to creating and sustaining an environment that supports diversity and inclusion but encourages the appropriate behaviours. Diversity and Inclusion initiatives reflects both local and enterprise wide needs and enables the success of the organisation.

D&I is integrated into processes.  The organisation values diversity of employees with talent management in place. Employees are engaged and embed business changes through improvement initiatives. Leaders have good D&I knowledge and are responsible for delivery of KPIs.

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You're at Level 5 - Leadership & Vanguard

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Your scoring indicates that your organisation is at Level 5 - Leadership & Vanguard – Sustainable – Inclusive / Continuously Optimising.

Diversity and Inclusion is key to organisational success and is embedded into the Organisational Strategy, its operations  and in the supply chain. Diversity and Inclusion is  the norm being integrated into the business as usual model by being routine and embedded into everyday activities. These are organisational habits and part of the business’s DNA. The impact on business performance is well-defined and transparent where diversity and inclusion enhances competitive advantage.

The organisation leverages the diverse employee workforce to drive business benefit. D&I is a cultural norm. It is an innovative leading organisation working with the supply chain to broaden D&I culture. Leaders challenge themselves and others on the continuous D&I journey.

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