Additional Services

Projects & Consultancy

3In Consulting can work with you to implement your specific Diversity and Inclusion projects to deliver a step change in your organisation.


Many organisations do not have the expertise or the resources available to undertake culture change and diversity initiatives internally.


If you are like other organisations you will be time poor with your resources who are focusing on priority work in the business. You might also need to supplement existing resources or require specialised expertise and skills that are not available in-house.


We are committed to Diversity and Inclusion and have the time and resources to work with your organisation. With your business knowledge, and our skills and passion, we can help your company to become a leader in diversity resulting in outperformance of your peers.


At 3In Consulting we can provide dedicated resources and tailor our services to meet the need of your business. Additionally, we can help you capitalise on the diversity of your people to maximise ideas and solutions that benefit the organisation.


When you need to understand more about the diversity journey or want a helping hand, we are there to support you. We can offer engagements to suit your organisation and support the delivery of your diversity initiatives.



Our aim is to coach and guide you to Strengthening your Diversity through Inclusion with ownership and accountability by the business.

Mentoring & Coaching

Organisations depend on their people for success. Developing these people by providing mentoring and coaching is crucial to grow them and achieve better business outcomes. At 3In consulting we can help develop your leaders and employees diversity knowledge and skills as well as general career development.


Our aim is to support your organisation by using different types and approaches whether formal, informal or situational, to create an inclusive environment across your enterprise. Both mentoring and coaching are usually on a one-to-one basis but can also be provided in groups to facilitate learning.


Informal coach and mentoring evolves organically, so at 3In Consulting we believe that by building close working relationships with our clients that informal opportunities can take place to share knowledge and experiences.


Structured mentoring and coaching can be adopted to provide a formal approach by matching individuals with a consultant as well as implementing a framework for future opportunities between colleagues.


Situational coaching and mentoring comes in the form of short-term discussion on specific issues which are highly impactful in nature. The objective of this is to enhance both individual and organisational knowledge and performance.




We differentiate coaching and mentoring in the following ways:



Focused on defined tasks


Performance driven


Defined result and time span


Requires active engagement and monitoring



Centred around relationships


Developmental driven


Requires a significant time commitment from both parties


Requires little oversight and supervision


Mentoring and coaching can be used in a variety of circumstances including Leadership Development, Induction and On-boarding, Graduate Programs, Women in Business and Leadership, Employee Resource Groups to support diversity and wider mentoring to inform all employees inclusively,  Skills / job sharing, Maternity and Paternity parenting and job cover, and Project oriented.





We focus on three types of diversity mentoring – developmental, reverse and reciprocal.


Developmental mentoring is used to nurture talent in diverse groups and will capitalise on employee resource groups and networks within an organisation. Leaders will encourage employees to develop personally whilst using their own experiences and skills to enhance the business proposition.


Reverse mentoring is where a more junior employee will mentor a senior leader / executive to share experiences and thinking that are specific to that employee’s characteristics and help to inform the mentee. This aids a senior leader to walk in the shoes of an employee.


Reciprocal mentoring is where both individuals receiving mentoring and learnings – this is particularly valuable where junior employees are perceived as leaders or talent to nurture and the senior leader requires to understand their situation better.





Coaching requires a more hands on approach than mentoring and needs a commitment from your organisation to support the people being coached.  It should be approached as a positive technique for helping people explore and achieve their goals and ambitions.


At 3In Consulting we provide coaching opportunities focused on specialised diversity and inclusion themes including Business and Strategy, One-to-one Executive Leadership, One-to-one Diversity Lead, Career and developmental, and Group coaching.


Our coaching process aims to improve leadership and performance in equality and diversity by focusing on the here and now through both planned and in the moment learning.


We are your guide and facilitator to learning to help individuals and teams to improve their own knowledge and performance.


Training is an important aspect for all organisations and, from a diversity and inclusion perspective, it is key to develop high performing leading organisational behaviour and culture.


3In Consulting supports organisations by helping to develop and deliver specific training at all levels in an organisation from C-suite and senior leaders to all employees. Training topics include Fundamentals or Comprehensive Understanding of Diversity and Inclusion. We also offer training modules related to Unconscious Bias, Dignity and Respect, and Discrimination. Our method of training is action focused encouraging participants to interact together sharing learnings and experiences.


We believe that ‘one and done’ training is not the best approach. It should not be treated as an isolated intervention as this can be a costly exercise without enhancing the workplace or resolving an issue. Research has found that training without further activity by organisations can result in money wasted.


Studies have found that after one hour of the training only 50% of the learning is retained. More shocking is that after one day only 30% is retained and within six days only 25%.


All our training encourages action plans to be developed during the session so that people proactively do something after the session.  These should be monitored and tracked to support retention of knowledge and encourage change. Organisations that embed the learnings and create new habits after training sessions reap rewards.



Our approach is to support organisations pre and post training sessions so that they can benefit through preparation and tailored training as well as follow up, conversations, changes to ways of working, communications and most importantly action.

Seminars, Conferences & Webinars

Interacting with other people is a great way to share best practice. Attending internal and external seminars, conferences, networking events and webinars all provide a great learning opportunity.


In-house seminars, town halls, lunch and learns and other activities are a great way to share knowledge and experience internally. People from all different backgrounds and characteristics can support each other and improve inclusivity in the organisation. Involvement with employees, customers, suppliers and invited guests extends this experience and support wider engagement and collaboration. External events like conferences, networking sessions, seminars, webinars and social media are a useful place to meet other organisations on the Diversity and Inclusion journey and to share best practice.


3In Consulting can facilitate and talk at both internal and external events including seminars, networking, promotional events and meetings. Our Managing Director and diversity and inclusion specialist, Paul Skovron, also offers his services as a guest speaker and facilitator to make your event more special. If you would like us to visit your organisation, to help you arrange your events, or speak to your employees and guests please contact us.