Taking Time for You – Reflect and Plan for Your New Normal

We are getting used to acknowledging the strange times we are in living in emails and calls, work and personal. But equally as common are the sincerely expressed questions about our health, and the wellbeing of our families and loved ones. Colleagues, clients, and suppliers are part of our extended communities and we are taking extra care to acknowledge this.

What we cannot do is predict the future and with so much uncertainty, it can seem pointless to plan for post-pandemic “next normal” workplace.

Many key workers and businesses are busier than ever and are rightly focused on what needs to happen today – tomorrow will have to wait. And for many people, this situation has created immediate economic concerns, anxiety, and/or increased isolation. All of these can create real worry and fear for the future.

But we also see that our friends and colleagues have taken the unexpected downtime as an opportunity to decorate, learn a new skill, tend the garden, or to take some much needed quiet time to reflect and if possible enjoy spending time with immediate family. So, perhaps this is exactly the time where this headpiece exists to be thinking about what we want to see in the “next normal” and plan (with a high degree go flexibility and contingency!) based on those ideals.

Just as we will see the benefits of the vegetables and flowers we have planted in the weeks and months to come, so too could we be sowing the seeds for a better workplace and culture, with great employee engagement and diversity.

What worked well in the interim period and what would be adjusted or improved? And how can you apply those lessons learned to be even better in the future?