Unconscious Bias Workshop

Every day our brains make incredibly quick assessments and judgments of people and situations without us realising. Frequently we are not even aware of these views and opinions or aware of their full impact and implications. We continually make decisions and as a result have unconscious bias.

3In Consulting is holding a workshop on 3rd June in Glasgow to explore different aspects of bias in the workplace.

Here are some questions to ask yourself whether you or a colleague should attend this training.

  • Do you realise that your background, personal experiences, working environment, societal stereotypes and cultural context can have an impact on your decisions and actions?
  • Do you know what decisions are made as a result of bias?
  • Do you know what actions to take to reduce bias?
  • Does your organisation understand the different forms of bias and the impact it has on the workplace?

In this workshop we will be exploring different aspects of unconscious bias in the workplace, you will

  • Develop an understanding of different types of bias
  • Explore some of the different ways and places where bias can occur
  • Examine where, how, and why this occurs in many activities in the workplace.
  • Discuss whether bias can be stopped or whether it is part of an organisation’s culture and in people’s DNA
  • Examine how it is possible to determine the cost of bias.
  • Look at ways to tackle conscious and unconscious bias
  • Understand the different interventions an organisation can take that reduces bias

This is an interactive workshop where you will have personal reflection time as well as group discussion.



At 3In Consulting we aim to provide Equality, Diversity and Inclusion related seminars and workshops that are available to businesses regardless of size. We offer public courses that are open to anyone to attend so that they are affordable for businesses without training budgets.