Working From Home – A Viable Longterm Option?

When lockdown was announced, companies adapted and facilitated home working where it was possible to do so. But the reality is, this was not done through choice but rather, in reaction top a global emergency.

With the benefit of hindsight, there may have been issues that could not have been foreseen as we all had to move at speed and in many cases, without a precedent or systems in place to facilitate home working.

One outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic Will be a greater acceptance of remote working in the longer term, so perhaps now is the time to reflect on some of the challenges.

Do you need to review policies and procedures to make sure they accommodate remote working?

Are your managers equipped to support staff they may not see in person?

What if a team member becomes ill or feels isolated?

Do you need to review your Health and Safety processes and design a whole new suite of risk assessment criteria?

And from a very practical point of view – does your staff have what they needle way of equipment, software. Telecoms, and support for their well-being mentally and physically?

Remote working presents some massive opportunities for employee engagement, innovation, and collaboration, but there will be new challenges that will require consideration and flexibility. Do you feel confident that you can adapt your policies and procedures at pace, and that your teams have the necessary ‘tools of the trade’ to maximise this opportunity?