Returning to the Workplace – Is Your Business Prepared?

One of the key messages from the outset of the current crisis has been to work from home if you can. Many employers who may have been reluctant to embrace this way of working before found themselves adapting and perhaps this will become yet another “new normal” or at least, far more common. After all, aside from helping us maintain social distancing (which may be a reality for some time yet), there are upsides such as few polluting commuter journeys, and accessibility for disabled workers and those with caring responsibilities.

But for many workers, working from home is not an option. Industries such as constrictions, manufacturing, oil and gas, retails, hospitality, and leisure must be conducted on site.

As the conversation steers towards a return to a physical workplace, there will be concerns about how to keep these workers safe. From procuring effective PPE, modifying the space to allow for social distancing, considering how people can safely travel to work, to childcare while schools are closed – these are just some of the factors that employers need to facilitate, at a time where flexibility and the ability too change direction fast to keep pace with current advice is crucial.

Who are your new customers and how do they feel about engaging with you? How do your employees feel about coming back to the workplace if that is an option? How do they feel about continued home working – it is not a great fit for everyone? Do they feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their health and well-being is the top priority?